Friday, March 10, 2006

Second love

I knew his name, I knew what he did. He had status. Bar-owner, player, heartbreaker and heart throb. I hate guys like that, their big puppy eyes, trying anything to get in your pants. "I've never felt like this before" etc. I'd seen him looking at me, I heard the way he said my name and I swore he'd never get me.

The night it happened started out with a box of wine, followed by vodka and sake. I don't know how I got to the bar or how we started kissing. I do remember we were kissing so hard we fell on the floor. I bumped my head. His open relationship girlfriend stood watching angrily. I was oblivious. Then I was in the cab with him, swooping through the snow to his house. He was trying so hard to be charming, all big brown eyes and fluttering touches. It made me laugh. Girls actually get taken in by this? On his mattress, no sheets he stroked my cheek. "I can't believe we're here, having sex. I've dreamt about this moment since I first saw you. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." "Oh, I'm not going to have sex with you," I reminded him.

We saw each other a week later, he asked me if he could call me his girlfriend. He said he'd break off the open relationship. I was bored, freelancing in a small city. I hadn't made love in three months. He bought me a BMX. I said yes.

I had no clue to how he would really make me feel, squished under his heel.


Anonymous Yoshi said...

Beautifully intense...


7:47 PM  
Anonymous Ogre said...

Hey...nice writing

5:13 AM  
Anonymous mary said...

Ahhhhh..loves that start like that I've all but known be4..would that I could of known the ending prior.

Stay well..

6:31 PM  

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