Monday, February 27, 2006

Kiss it. Just kiss it.

Yesterday was bad. Really bad. The morning started off well enough, breakfast with a work colleague, then we went to several museums and drank milkshakes. Nice and innocent. But I had exactly 100 bucks in my wallet, so as soon as my colleague had said goodbye I was dialing my dealer's number. The dealer is older- in his forties or fifties, It's hard to tell. He's from the middle east I think, fat, greasey and balding, with slitty eyes. My nickname for him (in his absence) is old fat-fuck. Anyway, I waited on the side of the road for him to come, rubbing my hands to keep warm. Finally he arrived. "Hi sweetheart, jump in. Let me take you home." "Uh no, I'm not going home" (that would mean having to share with my boyfriend who has recently been sneaking around behind my back). We drive past a coffee place, I know they'll let me use the bathroom. I'm impatient to get high now, lose the aching legs. "No-no," old fat-fuck laughs, "let me take you somewhere nice and warm to do it." We arrive at some weird little apartment, there is just a living room, no bedroom. I go straight to the bathroom, It's clean. My vein is hard to find, the needle is old and blunt. When I'm done I step out, the lighting has changed, two red candles and there's this cheesy soft music playing. I'm feeling very fuzzy headed. He pats his knee. My big mistake: thinking he had a bit more smack to give me, I go over and sit on it. Straight away his chubby hands have pushed under my top and are all over my breasts. I'm straining to get away, then he starts kissing me, forcefully. one hand firmly on the back of my head. I keep trying to go, but he's strong. He pulls out his cock trying to get me to touch it and then kiss it. He keeps pulling my face towards it. With his other hand he is trying to rub my clit, he's about two inches off, tapping this strange spot at the top of my thigh. NO just doesn't register. Nor does the fact that I have a boyfriend etc. etc. Two hours later he drops me at home, forcing one last disgusting kiss at the side of the road. Now I don't know who to call for drugs. He said unless I want to be his girlfriend- in which case he'll give me free smack, I can't call him anymore. So that's it. There's no way he's laying a finger on me again. Last night makes me sick.


Anonymous sickgirl said...

wtf? Thank goodness I have never been in a situation even remotely approaching something like this one cause I don't know what I would have done. My husband and I have been together for an eternity and all of the dealers and users are very much aware of this so I think this has protected me on many occasions.

I understand your partner has issues of his own, but is he able to cop for you now instead? If trust is a bit of an issue, you could always travel together to meet the dealer and then just prior to the actual hookup, you could always wait around the corner or something. This way there really wouldn't be enough time for him to mess with the dope.

Cheers, sickgirl

10:44 AM  
Blogger tui said...

Thanks for your tips sickgirl. Since this post my boyfriend calls the dealer and he comes to my house. (I told my bf what happened- at first he wanted to kill him, 12 hours later he was calling him to score). Although he now wants me to call him again, I hide until he's gone...

5:05 PM  
Blogger myboyfriendiscrazy said...

Yeah, please don't call him again, that's an awful situation to be in

2:47 PM  

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