Monday, March 06, 2006

Empty office

It's 7.30pm, I'm alone at the office, ears filled with music, as loud as it can get. Fill me up. I need to be filled up. Too empty. Veins open and pleading, eyes crying, blood from my heart dripping down my stomach, pooling in my belly button. Yes I'm all alone. I say goodnight to my boyfriend, I say goodmorning. But I'm not there. I'm not anywhere. See that shadow outside? maybe that's me. I'm lost, I can't even recognize myself right now. The work straps me in, safe. Keeps me on the road to somewhere. More pay, awards, promotions. I'm swimming, I'm drowning. If anyone really knew me they'd hate me. Take my keys and my title. Stop my pay. Wonder how I did it. Feel tricked.


Anonymous Yoshi said...

Its awful to feel lost.

Your an amazing female, a unique individual. Never forget that.

Lifes a Garden, dig it!


4:09 AM  

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