Friday, March 17, 2006

Why fruit sucks

Okay, now it's eight days since pay day. Six to go. I have 15 cents and nothing in the fridge, or anywhere. There are peaches and bananas, expresso, chocolate milk and red bull at work. That's what I eat for breakfast and lunch... if I just got here at 8.30am they put on full breakfasts each morning, but at 7.30am (alarm-time), I prefer sleep to food. Now, this daily diet would probably be fine except for one thing. Every night, my boyfriend goes to get his methadone from the pharmacy and comes back with his jacket stuffed with treats. Chocolate bars, chips and lately, 'Fruit To Go' this dried fruit roll-up style thing. All the things available in the only camera-free aisle. One or two of these 'Fruit To Go' is good, but as a meal replacement thirty or so start to feel very strange in the stomach. Rumbling and cramping. I'm not used to having my belly do much of anything, frozen from opiates. Well that has all changed, big time.


Anonymous sickgirl said...

On our first stint with methadone back in 1999, McDonald's had just introduced their ice cream Mcflurries and Jim and I quickly became addicted to them. It seemed the methadone increased our desire for these ice cream treats. Some days we would actually make up to three trips to the golden arches in order to satisfy our desire!!! And we couldn't help but wonder why we were suddenly gaining weight now that we were on methadone!!!Hahaha...This addiction certainly abated with time and I have to admit that this was a sight cheaper than what we were in treatment for!!!

I don't seem to have the same food cravings that I had the first time this time but maybe it is too soon yet to tell.

Have a fab weekend!


7:36 PM  
Anonymous mary said...

Oh yes McDonald's chocolate ice-cream absoulute fav summertime (and anytime) must have..the sauce is divine..pure pound packers when on or off of juice. Weight & methadone..have always been a problem for me..and water weight too. My docotor told me 2-3% will gain alot from water weight..some as many as 25 lbs. Am always in the small percentage brackets that will have 'whatever' it is..for some reason. This time is no different..I'm fine until I hit 65 mls..then the scale starts its climb to chubby chubby land.

Dried fruit Tui..yea I hear ya...not at all great for a dope sick tummy. Here's hoping you'll hit the lotto or run into some cash before payday. Thank the powers that be for the the working womans brunch at your place of employment. How many times have I found myself there..the cupboards and fridge are..let me tell ya....blah blah blah.

Take good care girl.

3:21 AM  
Anonymous Yoshi said...

I love McFlurrys. The end. :)


12:46 AM  

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