Thursday, March 16, 2006

Walking home

Another walking home post. Does that say something about how thrilling my life is? Anyway, I was. It was warmish and very peaceful, until I saw the flashing lights. Two blocks in every direction, police lights. And then I heard the roar of the punks.
One sign was in English STOP POLICE BRUTALITY. I agree with that. The punks, fully pierced and extreme, about 200 of them, turned the corner right as I did. All of a sudden I was leading the protest. I'm not a protesting kind of person, I never have been, but I did agree with the cause, so whatever. Then someone yelled "fuck the police!" and then they all started chanting it, destroying everything in their path. Recycling boxes were on the side of the road, so they started to smash up the plastic boxes and throw the glass wine and beer bottles on the sidewalk. They were tipping over and jumping on signs, aggressive eyes looking for trouble. Then the leader, a guy with a loudspeaker, stopped in front of a fancy restaurant, "this is where the rich people go, the rich who run the city, who fuck you..." the crowd started to roar. The police had closed off the street but were hanging back at a blocks distance. I kept walking.


Anonymous Yoshi said...

Damn babe. Sounds hectic!

Glad you stayed safe, or at least wasn't hurt in any violence, etc!


5:56 PM  
Anonymous sickgirl said...


Are you at work right now as I just noticed you posted at the exact same time I did on Yoshi's site? Do you use instant messenger? I am at work right now.


10:16 AM  
Blogger tui said...

Hey sickgirl! Yep, at work. No I don't use IM, I should though- at home anyway, at work I think might not be such a good idea. People are always popping into my office at the wrong times! I hope everythings okay with you... t

10:20 AM  
Anonymous sickgirl said...

Everything is OK. It's a Friday and a payday after all. You are in Canada right? Montreal. I am in London

10:21 AM  
Blogger tui said...

Payday! I'm so jealous, I have to waitt until Thursday. I get paid fornightly so right now I'm completely broke. I need to learn some self control! Yes, i'm in Montréal, if you ever come by this way we should meet up... and get high... or is that bad?

10:46 AM  
Anonymous sickgirl said...

Not bad at all...Only another five hours until my pay is ready. Problem is I am done at 2pm today and have to either wait around for two and a half hours for my pay to be ready - no direct deposit which sucks - or go home and come back - probably do this cause I am only about a fifteen minute walk from work. I work and live downtown. I just hate waiting. I also was stupid so I slept in this morning so I didn't have time to grab my methadone so I am in mild withdrawal right now sitting at my desk - my nose is running, eyes are tearing and my hands are cramping up. Grrrr. I also didn't end up paying for today's dose either so I will have to wait until my pay. Normally I have Fridays off of work so I stay home until my pay is ready and then cash it, go to meth to pay for two week's worth and dose then so getting scheduled today was a bit of a shock. Going to pay today from Friday to Friday so this doesn't end up happening again. Hate being at work this way as it makes the day seem twice as long. Funny my boss is suffering from really bad allergies right now so assumes that I am also. Ha!


11:21 AM  
Blogger tui said...

That's a great idea, I'll pay my done for the next two weeks when I get paid too. Otherwise I always run out of money. Like now... and have to try and find it somewhere. Does y ours cost $5 a day too?

11:47 AM  
Anonymous sickgirl said...

My methadone is also $5/day and I usually pay $70 every two weeks although today I am going to pay $75 cause it looks as if I am going to be working Monday to Friday from now on instead of Sunday to Thursday. I also don't have to start work until 10am now which will also give me a chance to grab my dose before work. I couldn't before cause I had to be in the office at 8am and the clinic didn't open until 8:30am which really sucked. I used to take a half hour break every day at 10am and walk down to the clinic cause I could do the round trip in approx 23 mins and no one was the wiser at work! I feel better though if I can grab it at the same time every day as it makes me feel more "normal" for some reason - pyschological but whatever! On Saturdays the clinic is open until 1pm and on Sundays until 11am and I also try to go around the same time to stay consistent. Now if I would stop shooting these dilaudids and the occasional hit of speed I could start getting my bloody carries but until I am over the fascination of the god damn needle, I know that I will continue to practice this bad behaviour. Just sent you an email also.

12:08 PM  

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