Friday, July 07, 2006

Wheel Heels

Nodding in and out at my desk. The fluorescent lights are low. No sunlight. Some construction is going on above me. I'm the last one left, like always. I keep pushing further and further into the night. I'm more addicted to work than drugs. Mentally, anyway. My bum has flattened itself into a chair shape. I'm all stiff. I'm becoming the chair. I wouldn't be surprised if someone came in, sat down on me and started typing on my laptop or something. Anyway, I'm formulating a plan, and I'll tell you all about it on Monday.


Blogger ChapFu said...

now that's a weekend cliffhanger!

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Distracted said...

Hey Tui! Long time no type! Well you will be happy to hear I finally got off my dopey ass and linked to you. I just made a feeble update to my rapidly decaying JL blog, but w/e

Check it out and leave me some comments!!


8:26 PM  
Blogger Lx said...

..and i am more addicted to my gin,than my drugs.

6:46 AM  

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