Friday, April 28, 2006

Brat cat

I hate to be all kitteny. I'm not that kind of girl, really. It's just that I adopted this little fleabag last weekend and he's been on my mind (and keyboard) a lot. Typical kitten, dead cute, falling off everything, tearing around like a maniac... BUT the little brat won't snuggle. Well, he will if I'm eating something, but other than that he doesn't even like to sleep in bed with me, he prefers the wooden floor. He uses too much saliva to clean himself so he's always wet and sticky, and he likes to play in his litter box, so sometimes he'll have a stray poop hanging off him. As a mother I'm prepared to overlook all that, but he has to stop holding out on the snuggles. I need a mini straight jacket or something.


Anonymous Yoshi said...

Hi Beautiful Girl.

I'm back. I'm so sorry I've worrid everyone like crazy. I'm now apart of JL for Good!

*Hugs & Kisses* I've missed you more then ever.

My new Journal -

Kiss kiss hug hugs


1:48 AM  
Blogger tui said...

Rah!!!!! That makes me so goddam happy! I missed you like hell... Talk soon lovely-

2:55 AM  
Anonymous mary said...

It's the cats meeooow about Yosh isn't it..all smiles here.

So y ou got yourself a little vagabond eh..well I be a cat lover extrodinaire and have to say..some will snuggle for their food and some won;t. They say it has to do with how much human handling they've had by 8 weeks old..if none was coming then they don't seek out our physical companiosnship as much as other's who have will. I have 7 of which 4 are strays..of those strays..2 wouldn't cuddle at first..I've broken one down to at least climbing on my lap during tube time and kneading my legs. Yea..I's not caviar but it is something.

Don't give up on the little one..they make the best of amis even so.


8:00 PM  
Blogger tui said...

Fuck, he was 8 weeks when I got him and from a very busy household of two grown cats, two grown dogs and six kittens, I think it was a bit of a madhouse, not much personal attention for my little baby. Right now he attacks my hand every time I try to stroke him... playfighting all the time... too cool for school- and moms

9:42 PM  

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