Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Banana milkshake
Warm bread and butter
Onion soup with cheese on top
Crunchy baked potatoes with sour cream
Salad just like my mother makes, with her homemade salad dressing
Pumpkin pie and whipped cream
1/2 a gram of heroin

Most prisoners on death seem to choose fried chicken, fries and soda.
Although some choices can be quite astonishing.

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    What would you have, if you got to choose?

    Anonymous Bluegroupmember said...

    Just read your entire blog and had this intense desire to give you massive hug and make everything OK.

    Take care of yourself...


    7:36 PM  
    Blogger tui said...

    Thanks, hug taken

    7:48 PM  
    Anonymous comaTOES said...

    Hey tui!
    I'm just visiting from over at JL...
    Your link doesn't work for me and I was really curious about the "last meal" requests and whatnot...
    Could you hook a bro up with the url if it's still up?
    Take care, stay beautiful INSIDE as well!

    9:25 PM  
    Blogger tui said...

    Oops, thanks comatoes, the link is all fixed up now-

    10:11 PM  
    Anonymous comaTOES said...

    Hey, the scariest freakin thing on that list IS NOT THE FOOD!!! LOOK how often they execute a prisoner...this is only ONE STATE out of the whole USA!!
    I knew Texas liked to fry 'em, but MAN...sure are a lotta fried chicken eating guys getting fried. ha! ha!
    I wouldn't be able to eat at all if it was within a week of my death date, I doubt...
    I have a friend on death row....he graduated with a 4.0 gpa and full scholarship to any college in Oregon, and less than two months later he was arrested. By the time he should've been starting college that fall he had become the youngest ever sentenced to die in oregon. He's still there though.

    4:00 AM  
    Blogger tui said...

    Hey comatoes, the scary thing is, if you read their last words, some still profess their innocence. For more crazy stuff, check out this website, it actually lists the people on death row in Texas and why. What did your friend do? Take care-

    10:06 AM  

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