Monday, March 27, 2006


"Miss, your dress looks beautiful, but be careful. If that drapey think around your neck gets caught, it will rip right off you and you'll finish the race naked."

Of course I was the only one wearing a floaty dress and heels go-karting. That's just me. And the circumstances leading up to the race hadn't exactly been ideal.

3 hours earlier, we'd had a big shot and fallen into a deep, deep sleep. We were supposed to leave the house at 5pm, to make it to a surprise party at 6pm. There were only a few people invited, so it was important we were on time. 5.55pm, the phone rang, waking us up. I flew into a panic, we ran out the door dressed in whatever we had fallen asleep in (I had been swanning around the house in a new, knee-length dress). First, we had to stop at the pharmacy for our done, in case we weren't back by 10pm when it shut. Of course the pharmacist took eternity. Everyone around us was in slow motion. Then we had to buy beer for the party and get to the race track, located somewhere industrial, a long way away. I ran along the side of the road hailing a cab and brushing my hair at the same time. It was horrible and stressful, I cursed drugs the whole way there.

But we made it. My dress showed my track marks so I had to keep my coat on, but we made it.


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