Thursday, March 20, 2008

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=]]]]===;ppppp juuuuuu]
snnn =;///

-Bruiser (aka my new kitten)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

umm.. pix plz..

10:54 AM  
Blogger IVY said...

Hi..(is pixie a nickname4u?)
all your writing is different these days.. you are focused on outside events and less focused on what's going on inside your own ideas. I hope you expand and write more details in because still you are always elusive and minimal, even though you never stray from the complex, i am curious what you leave out of your entries.
Anyway, I hope you are happier. You sound it.
Do you think it's the depressants working for you? Paxil is a complex drug, you might want to research more about it.
I do think the depressants (in answer to an earlier entry) have an actual effect on you that is larger than placebo- I'm curious what study that was- but I don't think it is good for your brain, and you have to come off slowly and adjust, like your eyes have been in the dark and the light slowly comes on. People who throw their pills away and suddenly come off.. it's like something happening to fast and it throws them off for a while, and i hear it is always better to come off slowly, even if you have some unwanted side-affects.
These days i'm more worried about people who take prescription anti-depressants, and then MORE worried about people on anti-psychotics (the worst!) as far as long term damage than I am people taking a simpler drug that could be endorphin addictive, though it seems like addicts end up having to go through some dark tunnel which either destroys them, weakens them, or makes them a better person in the long run.
But hopefully, whatever the case, your brain regenerates.
best wishes.
I used to be a lot more social and I wish I could be social again,even if I felt like I was being too initiating or assertive, because I find being socially-avoidant feels like you can't reach out even when you need to unless it is through books or art and that doesn't count..
I mean, I should have people to retreat from for the retreat to mean anything/ people to be anti-social FROM... I wish I was not anti-social in the first place but like a lot of habits it can become engrained. Like, you are serious for so long that the ability to lighten up and laugh seems (this is so fucking sad to me) impossible... i guess you lose perspective. Sorry i sortof went off here. I need to start making an effort to meet new people

4:26 AM  
Blogger tui said...

Hi Ivy,
Nope pixie is not my nickname.
I am happier, and I'm trying to help it along by not over-analysing myself and my stumbles.
Thanks for the comment.


5:11 PM  

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