Saturday, May 13, 2006


I am typing this on my laptop -yes the very same one that was stolen almost 2 weeks ago- !! No thanks to the police, or the pawn shop. The pawn shop refused to give a statement to the police. They told me they'd lie about what happened because they didn't want to be closed down for buying stolen shit. But they hadn't bought it, so it all made no sense. They said the police would seize their computers etc...

So my boyfriend did his own police-work. He met some guy who worked opposite- he'd heard that someone he worked with had bought an amazing laptop off the street for $100. It seemed like long shot to me, but my boyfriend offered a reward, and the guy said he'd find out about it. To cut a long story short, this morning my boyfriend met the guy who'd bought my laptop. He bought it back with a 'reward' of $200. The minimum this guy would take. So I guess he was half asshole, half nice. He could have made a grand on it, but at the same time... it WAS stolen property.

And as for the guy who stole it, I should update a bit about that. My boyfriend got into a bit of a scuffle with him, kicking him mainly, with steel toes. There wasn't much blood, just his lip and then the police arrived. My boyfriend was scratch-free, and quite proud of himself for getting even, or something. It didn't give me any satisfaction, I didn't want the guy in pain, I just wanted my laptop. I also know there's a lot more pain in store for him, as he ripped off the gang he was dealing for. He has some very violent people looking for him.

Even now, I can't quite believe it's back on my lap!! I was sure I'd never see it again. Sometimes there are hapy endings.


Anonymous Yoshi said...

My tui!

I missed u hun! xoxox.

So happy to hear about the laptop! Great news! :) :) :)

Miss u hon, lots!


5:53 AM  
Blogger tui said...

same. where have you been? maybe we can msn today...? my evening/ your morning-

10:29 AM  

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