Thursday, November 30, 2006

Be good...

Be good because you want to. Not because you'll be blacklisted from heaven, or because god says. Think. Logically, to me, be a good person, happiness spreads- std fast, it comes back, it continues. A nice chain letter. Like breath being recycled. I know when someone is cunty to me, it can affect everything... tainting the bloodstream with honked horns and glares. That was how every mornin started in my house. Or even that rare elated feeling- thumbtacked hard with one word. My dad was a professional squasher. Just if he was in a bad mood, mind. Which was unfortunately frequent. He could cut a laugh in half, whipping a word swordlike at me. Suspended for a moment. I could have ignored it, but I never did. I almost enjoys that wilting pain. the unfairness, indignation. Poor me.


Blogger Too Dark Park said...


this blog is the most beautifully written blog i've ever read. i'm proud to say i know you. through this, i get to hear and feel what you have to say, and what you wouldn't say aloud.. you're a wonderful person. i wish i lived 500km closer to you.


10:28 AM  

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