Friday, April 07, 2006


It's the weekend, it's so close I can practically taste it, yum. I'm going to walk home so fast I'm almost running. Call my boyfriend from a payphone five blocks from my house. He'll call the dealer. I'll get out $100, enough for the evening. The dealer and I will meet in a dirty parking lot, he usually takes five minutes. I hate it when he's longer, just yesterday I had to wait fifteen minutes and in that time two men asked me how much I charge. I'm not a fucking prostitute. I try my hardest to look busy, but it's obvious I'm waiting for someone in my tan heels and tan trenchcoat. Have a good weekend everyone. Or as they say here, "bon weekend." They say bon/good everything. Have a good movie, a good lunch, a good blah... Anyway, where the hell is Yoshi?


Blogger Mary Blackchurch said...

mia still..I think we're in the same belle province Tu..'bon everything blah' is right. lol

5:57 PM  

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