Monday, February 05, 2007


Maybe I will write again. Maybe not. No promises. It's time to say goodbye to everything. A big shower. A scrub clean. Raw, like a rape victim. Scrub away yesterdays. Say hello to tomorrow. This is good grief. A kind of exorcism. Cutting the cancer out. Free and weightless, floating to, through, the whites of the sky. Accept everything. Admit it. Own it. Say my goodbyes. So, goodbye.


Anonymous The Misfit said...

Toodles. Can't say it hasn't been fun. Just remember, though, you can only leave oncet.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1-800-SUICIDE. call it you can just to talk. you don't have to be feeling your worst. maybe you'll talk to me. your writing is beautiful and so is your life, miss tui! godspeed.

2:19 PM  
Blogger The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

best to you Tui, although i hope you keep writing.....

the very

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Tui~

I will miss your writing... I am in hopes your journey takes you somewhere better than where you have been.

Best wishes.


4:03 PM  
Anonymous miss chief said...

tui, don't go.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Michelle's Spell said...


I have loved your writings. I hope you keep at it -- if not, I wish you the best of it all, whatever form that may take. all good thoughts, Michelle

5:04 PM  
Anonymous sickgirl said...

Even though I haven't been commenting recently - my arm, my arm - I have been faithfully reading and following you. Please drop me an email to let me know that you are doing OK or just to shoot the shit, so to speak.

Peace, love and happiness...

3:03 AM  
Anonymous rico said...


1:54 PM  
Blogger havemycake said...

this entry is so disturbing...but tui, you will be missed here. you're a beautiful writer. i hope you pursue it in other ways...take care of yourself, let others take care of you.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous mary_bc said...

Take care sweetheart..and may the best always be yours to use as you will.

Know you can always email me.


4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do what you need to do, but know that you will be missed in this little corner of the world. . . take care of yourself and good luck. . .


6:31 PM  
Anonymous rXqueen said...

goodbye and good luck, tui. i hope it all goes well.
i've been reading for a long time but never commented. you speak truth and let's hope you carry on writing, whether it be here or somewhere else. and it if is somewhere else, i hope one day i get the chance to read your writing again.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Too Dark Park said...


good luck.. get well, be clean.. find love..

call me if you ever need to talk


3:49 PM  
Blogger monicker said...

This is what I get for being absent so long.

Best of wishes, Tui.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous JustME said...

I miss your writing but understand leaving it behind. I Am really interested in the copy that you have written, I can only imgaine how much fear and yet fun those long nights spent working on towards that great idea were. Best of luck from an understanding AD


PS check out Dry by Augusten Burroughs

5:58 AM  
Blogger Erik Donald France said...

Best wishes, Tui, Happy Val's Day, and Godspeed. You've got a book here.

4:38 PM  

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